Liverpool(GB) - 20th International Beatle Week 2003

Liverpool(GB) - Cavern Club

BBC Merseyside Radio(GB) - On The Beat interview + acoustic set + Howie Casey, Spencer Leigh

Berlin Estrel Beatles Festival 2003 (D)

Szczecin (Poland) - Dni Morza 2002 + The Animals (UK) + Joe Cocker (UK) + The Rubettes (UK) - audience of 130,000

TV NOVA - GoGo Šou

Magyar TV (HU) - Valahol Európa Zenés kabaré

TV Markíza (Slovakia) - 50th broadcast of the Senzi Senzus entertainment show

Prague - 1999/2000 New Year's Eve, Old Town Square - audience of 60,000

Konin (Poland) - Wolnosci Square - Main act of 2002/2003 New Year's Eve celebration program

Zabrze (Poland) - Dom Muzyki i Tanca, two sold-out performance at this biggest and best Polish music venue

Gliwice (Poland) - main act of the Gliwickaja Wiosna Maj 2002 festival

Nysa (Poland) - warm up act for The Smokie (UK)

Žofín Palace Prague - more than 20 concerts at Prague's exclusive entertainment venue